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High-school students

If you're still in school but are seeking to experience a taste of the working world for the first time, a summer job or student internship at BOHAI TRIMET is a great way to get started.

What job do I want to have when I grow up? We'll help you answer this question.

Practical career guidance

Most people don't really know exactly what mechatronics technicians, tool and die mechanics, casting mechanics, or industrial clerks do at work all day. That's why we offer student internships and summer jobs to school students so that they can get to know the wide range of entry-level opportunities in our company. A student internship, Girls' and Boys' Day, or a company tour with your class will answer precisely these questions.

With this look behind the scenes, you'll get your first taste of practical experience in an industrial company. Learn more about our work and what a future with us could look like.

Summer jobs

Looking to gain some more independence? Then take one of our summer jobs and earn some extra money. Every summer, we offer school-age jobs in a range of areas. Help out with gardening and grounds maintenance as a dedicated assistant or gain manual experience in painting and decorating, for example. For a summer job like this, you should be at least 15 years old and have two weeks or more of time available.



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