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University students

Applying theory to practical applications – BOHAI TRIMET offers a wide range of opportunities for university students, whether during the completion of their bachelor's or master's thesis or as part of a student job, a dual-track program combining vocational training and study, or a trainee program.

Want to try out the theoretical knowledge you've learned from your lectures in a practical, real-world setting? No problem!

Out of the classroom, into the workshop

We offer practical experience for students in various areas of our company. Please apply as soon as possible so that we can work together to find out which area might be the right one for you.

We offer the following options:

  • Student jobs
  • Internships at the bachelor's or master's level
  • Final dissertations
  • Dual-track programs combining vocational training and study
  • Trainee programs

Visit our job portal and find the job that suits you! Join our team in Harzgerode or Sömmerda and become part of our history.

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Student jobs

Would you like to establish initial contacts with professionals at an industrial company while still a student and earn some extra money during the semester at the same time? Then apply for a student job. We offer a range of options in different departments. Please send us a valid certificate of enrollment, your previous transcripts, and your current grades.

Bachelor's or master's dissertations

Are you about to graduate and looking for an experienced partner to guide you through the final step? We offer you the opportunity to complete your final dissertation with us and at the same time gain an insight into the practical aspects of your topic. Different areas of our company offer a wide variety of fascinating subjects, and you'll benefit from working with our experienced mentors. Send us your topic proposal and we will explore the potential of your project together in more detail.


Dual-track programs combining vocational training and study

Dual-track programs combining vocational training and study offer excellent career prospects and financial independence at the same time. Through alternating sessions of theory and practice-based learning, the student completes both a degree and a vocational training program. This is a great way to gain some initial work experience while putting your academic knowledge to the test in practice. In addition, a monthly grant guarantees financial independence and allows you to concentrate fully on your studies. Does that spark your interest? Then send us your application documents as early as possible, including your desired course of study and training profession, and we will find the best combination in consultation with you.


Trainee programs

Are you a recent graduate? Then many doors are open to you right now. A trainee program, for example, is an excellent way to gain comprehensive insight into various business areas within a short period of time.

We offer people just starting out on their careers the opportunity to complete an 18-month trainee program. The design of the individual modules is tailored to your personality, the field of study, and your future position.

In addition to getting to know and participating in operational and strategic processes, department-specific projects offer the opportunity to take on responsibility at an early stage. You will be supported by a mentor from senior management who will guide you alongside the trainee support team.
This path provides you with the ideal conditions to grow together with us by exploring a range of challenging and interesting activities.

Auf diesem Weg haben Sie die besten Voraussetzungen, um gemeinsam mit uns an herausfordernden und interessanten Tätigkeiten zu wachsen.



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