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At all our sites, we fulfill our social responsibilities with clear commitment to our communities.

From the very beginning, the BOHAI TRIMET staff has supported social projects, primarily on a local level.

By providing extra support in various areas such as education and culture, we put this commitment to society into action. These measures improve the quality of life in Harzgerode. They are also a way to make significant improvements to the attractiveness of the city and its surrounding area.

The first such campaign since the takeover of TRIMET dates back to 2005. We gave our support to ARCHE, a Christian organization in Berlin-Hellersdorf that provides aid to children and teenagers. When we visited in person, we were very impressed by the work of the volunteers, who have made it their mission not only to meet the basic needs of socially disadvantaged children and young people, but also to help them build a bridge to a self-determined life.

We have carried that basic idea with us into every subsequent campaign on behalf of a charity.

Thus, since 2006, our charity work has been concentrated within the region, especially the immediate vicinity of Harzgerode. Our focus is on kindergartens, daycare centers, elementary and secondary schools, living facilities for children and teenagers, charitable and socially active institutions, a wide range of other clubs and associations, and even hospice associations and children's programs run by fire departments. Every year, we support both the social infrastructure and practical work in these areas – mostly through project-related funding, but also with our professional contacts and expertise. Ensuring school meals are available to children in need and organizing blood donation campaigns to fight leukemia are also part of our activities. +49 (0)39484 500
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