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We manufacture and supply aluminum in a wide variety of shapes and alloys with ease, whether to the DIN standard or in the form of special alloys. For almost 150 years now, our customized products have proven their quality in the field – even under extreme conditions.

Die casting

Our strength at three locations

The BOHAI TRIMET Group's main area of expertise is manufacturing die-cast components in fully automated production. Its three branch locations offer a total of 41 cold-chamber die-casting machines with clamping forces between 640 and 4,100 tons for processing all commercially available alloys, most of which are produced in the company's own smelting plant.  

Location Number DC clamping force range
Sömmerda 16 660 to 1,400 metric tons
Harzgerode 20 1,400 to 4,100 metric tons
Binzhou (CN) 5 640 to 2,800 metric tons

Mechanical processing

High-quality, reliable components
– that's what you can expect from us.

Our wide range of product customizations is more than equipped to meet the steadily increasing demand for complex and ready-to-install components from a single source. In particular, we focus on CNC machining and heat and surface treatments.

Our modern machine park comprises a total of 88 CNC machining centers across all three locations. In addition, there are another 30 CNC centers that are part of a joint venture at the Harzgerode site. We also have state-of-the-art washing technology, leak-testing equipment and automated assembly devices at our disposal.


Location Number of CNCs Max. traverse paths/mm Number of 5-axis centers Number of double-spindle machines
Harzgerode 23 1666x900x650 4 4
Sömmerda 3 630x800x850 0 2
Binzhou (CN) 62 444x282x445 2 0

Surface and heat treatment

Lightweight and intelligent

Sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions are increasingly shaping technological development in the automotive industry.

Facilitating fuel and CO2 savings in particular requires a constant stream of new, intelligent solutions in lightweight construction, many of which place extreme demands on the thermal and surface finishing of the die-cast products manufactured.

With a total of six heat-treatment furnaces and a pickling and passivation plant, we are able to meet these increasing requirements to a very high standard.


Your requirements are our standards

An uncompromising quality-management system covering our entire production process ensures the highest quality standards in casting, further processing and finishing. Simply put: Your requirements are our standards. That's how we ensure that we always live up to our promise to offer only the best in quality.

The building blocks of our testing and measurement technology range from ordinary geometry measurements to various methods of materials testing and evaluation of grinding samples using a scanning electron microscope.


  • Tactile and optical component measurement
  • Material testing via tensile and bending tests
  • Inspection of welds and rivets
  • X-ray and CT examination


Research and development

Innovative ideas for your industry

Our "Creativity and Competency Center" (CCC) in Harzgerode is where we initiate, conduct and coordinate research and development projects in the field of light metal casting. By pooling the expertise of numerous partners from the worlds of science and practical application, it is possible to develop production technologies geared to specific target groups and to improve product quality in the field of aluminum casting.

The heart of this laboratory for innovative processes in aluminum casting is an automated die-casting machine featuring highly advanced laboratory capacities for analysis and evaluation of materials and components.



An international reputation


The research and development work of BOHAI TRIMET Automotive Holding GmbH has achieved worldwide recognition and enjoys an excellent reputation. Numerous patents – not to mention the development of ductile oil pans without heat treatment in the area of process development and the creation of new alloys with improved application-specific or technical process properties – also attest to this fact in an impressive way.

BOHAI TRIMET Automotive Holding GmbH is in high demand as a partner for numerous (inter)national projects such as ALCAST and is frequently involved in technical committees, associations and organizations.


Mold design and tool making

With 130 years of experience in metal casting at the Harzgerode site, our 80 qualified employees draw on their knowledge and skills to develop, design and manufacturing die-casting molds, trimming tools, permanent molds for aluminum casting and core molds. Thanks to the technologies available (including CAD systems, flow D simulations, self-heating treatment and laser welding), we are always at the cutting edge of technology in this area as well.

With extensive service activities in the areas of repairs and spare parts, we ensure a hassle-free production process, and are happy to offer these services directly on our customers' premises as well.

In addition to the skills of our qualified employees and our company's many years of experience in tool making for light metal casting, you'll benefit from our continuous investments in machinery, expertise, modern technologies, high quality within short production times and versatile options for data exchange +49 (0)39484 500
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